Library Collection

    The library facilities are upgrading every year in terms of collection. The present collection of the college library is _________________ which includes both general as well as reference collection. The college library purchases periodicals and newspapers as extra reading material for the users as well.

Document Category
1 General Books ___________
2 Reference Books ___________
3 Career Councelling Books ___________
4 UGC Books ___________
5 Distance Education Books ___________
     For the organisation of books, library have started process of classification of books by using MODERN SCHEME OF CLASSIFICATION such as DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION (latest edition i.e.; 22nd edition).

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News & Events

  • Career Prospectus & Opportunities
    (10 January 2021): The Lecture was delivered by Dr Shabir Hassan live from the Harvard University through ZooM Cloud Meet.
  • COVID-19 Awareness Campaign
    (June 2020): Under its social responsibility and outreach, the college carried out a COVID Awarenes Program
  • College Road Race (24 Oct 2020): The College on 24/09/2020 organized Annual Road Race which started from Aloosa and culminated at Patushay Bandipora